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Car brands Car brands made since 1900
Overview of models with specs and photos

Click one of the car brands to see models made since 1900. Then click a model to see technical specifications, pictures, drivers' rating or ask questions at the car's discussion group. All major car manufacturers should be included. Please mail us about missing manufacturers.

Brand nameModels
Abarth cars152
AC cars136
Acura cars195
Adler cars31
Alfa Romeo cars1129
Allard cars72
Alpina cars118
Alpine cars67
Alvis cars82
AMC cars32
Ariel cars6
Armstrong Siddeley cars34
Ascari cars8
Aston Martin cars268
Audi cars1995
Austin cars335
Austin-Healey cars36
Autobianchi cars74
Auverland cars11
Avanti cars40
Beijing cars47
Bentley cars212
Berkeley cars15
Bitter cars23
Bizzarrini cars24
BMW cars2109
Brilliance cars3
Bristol cars91
Buckler cars6
Bugatti cars279
Buick cars462
Cadillac cars797
Caterham cars25
Checker cars10
Chery cars1
Chevrolet cars1848
Chevron cars2
Chrysler cars862
Citroen cars1511
Cunningham cars2
Dacia cars47
Daewoo cars185
DAF cars30
Daihatsu cars405
Daimler cars17
Datsun cars22
Dauer cars3
Dax cars1
De Soto cars4
De Tomaso cars84
DKW cars124
Dodge cars855
Donkervoort cars29
Duesenberg cars12
Eagle cars38
Edsel cars4
Elva cars9
Evan cars1
Fairthorpe cars11
Ferrari cars484
Fiat cars1398
Ford cars2829
Franklin cars3
GAZ cars97
Geely cars12
Ginetta cars65
GMC cars472
Goggomobil cars2
GTM cars1
Holden cars377
Hommell cars3
Honda cars1390
Hudson cars15
Humber cars33
Hummer cars77
Hyundai cars840
IAD cars3
IDR cars1
Infiniti cars187
Innocenti cars84
Irmscher cars1
Isuzu cars226
Italdesign cars18
Jaguar cars600
Jeep cars482
Jensen cars78
Jimenez cars1
Kaiser cars6
Kia cars642
Koenigsegg cars7
Lada cars191
Lamborghini cars167
Lancia cars644
Land Rover cars242
Lexus cars290
Lincoln cars209
Locomobile cars9
Lotec cars14
Lotus cars208
Mahindra cars57
Marcos cars56
Maruti cars1
Maserati cars383
Matra-Simca cars35
Maybach cars52
Mazda cars1369
MCC cars34
McLaren cars31
Mercedes-Benz cars2479
Mercury cars380
MG cars179
Mini cars187
Mitsubishi cars991
Monteverdi cars51
Moretti cars84
Morgan cars123
Morris cars134
Mullen cars1
NedCar cars1
Nissan cars1666
Noble cars11
NSU cars116
Oldsmobile cars310
Opel cars1524
Osca cars7
Overland cars2
Packard cars71
Panoz cars27
Panther cars8
Peugeot cars1296
Pininfarina cars11
Plymouth cars211
Pontiac cars424
Porsche cars686
Proton cars126
Reliant cars88
Renault cars1769
Riley cars63
Rolls-Royce cars187
Rover cars307
Saab cars404
Saleen cars5
Samsung cars14
Saturn cars136
Sbarro cars6
Scion cars42
Seat cars576
Simca cars189
Singer cars12
Skoda cars585
Smart cars77
Spartan cars1
Spectre cars5
Spyker cars15
SsangYong cars217
Steyr cars65
Studebaker cars31
Subaru cars757
Sunbeam cars164
Sunbeam-Talbot cars8
Suzuki cars688
Talbot cars72
Tata cars90
Tatra cars134
Toyota cars2401
Trabant cars17
Triumph cars188
TVR cars193
Ultima cars7
Vauxhall cars341
Vector cars12
Vemac cars12
Venturi cars36
Voisin cars32
Volkswagen cars2308
Volvo cars1105
Wartburg cars38
Westfield cars29
Williams cars3
Willys-Overland cars25
Wingho cars1
Wolseley cars1
Woodill cars1
Xedos cars10
Yamaha cars1
Zagato cars6
Zastava cars90
ZAZ cars44
Zender cars7
ZIL cars22
Zundapp cars1

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Before you buy a car, you should check out other drivers' rating of the vehicle. You can also compare it to alternative cars you may want to buy. The rating includes engine performance, reliability, fun-factor, design, repair cost, value for money, etc.

You can also help other drivers by rating cars you know. CarsPlusPlus need 3 or more raters per car. Select the car and click "rate this car" or "this car's rating".

Vintage carsVintage cars

CarsPlusPlus has started to register vintage cars. We hope to improve the spects in the future. Please send us specifications, pictures, old car catalogs, etc.

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