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Unit calculatorsUnit converters for car specs

Use the following calculators to convert car related units:

Power calculatorPower converter
     (e.g. horsepower, kW)

Torque calculatorTorque converter
     (e.g. Nm, Ft.Lbs.)

Speed calculatorSpeed converter
     (e.g. km/h, mph)

Distance calculatorDistance converter
     (e.g. mm, km, mile, inches)

Fuel consumption calculatorFuel consumption converter
     (e.g. miles per gallon, litres per km)

Liquid capacity calculatorLiquid capacity converter
     (e.g. ccm, cubic inches, litres, gallons)

Weight calculatorWeight converter
     (e.g. kg, pounds) is not responsible for any possible incorrect conversions performed anywhere on the site. All conversions and calculations on this site are done in good faith, assuming that conversion rules provided us are correct. Still we would very much like to hear if our calculations are wrong, so don't hesitate to contact us if you discover any errors.

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